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What does ne plus ultra mean?

ne plus ultra \nay-plus-UL-truh; noun:

1. The highest point, as of excellence or achievement; the acme; the pinnacle; the ultimate.

2. The most profound degree of a quality or condition.

What will we mean to you?

We provide our clients with the most compelling, engaging, and realistic experiences of music and film possible, all created in their own homes. No smoke, no mirrors, no snake oil - instead, the most careful and conscientious application of decades of experience in reproducing music and cinema. The finest audio and video products available from around the world, assembled into systems whose performance goes well beyond the ordinary, and likely well beyond anything you have experienced until now.

Your experience choosing your system will be extraordinary as well. Our listening studio isn't in a shopping mall or strip center, but rather in a house, quiet and restful - the ideal environment for you to relax and revel in just how amazing and exciting truly realistic music reproduction can be.